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Compare hiring models



Works directly for you.

  • Employee (W2)

  • Contractor (1099)


Works for us:


Hiring & recruiting

Works directly for you:

  1. Recruiters: Hiring employees to work full-time.

  2. Staffing agency: Hiring temporary positions, contract roles, or temp-to-hire positions.​

  3. Freelance marketplaces (e.g., Upwork): Hiring for one-off projects or tasks.

Works for us:

  1. Software development companies & agencies: Hiring for a project, short-term and longer-term engagements.

Engagement model

Fixed Bid:

  • Perfect for projects with clear requirements and timelines. It provides a structured approach with a predefined scope and budget.


Time & Material (Hourly):

  • Designed for flexibility. You pay for the actual hours worked, adapting easily to changing project needs.

Retainer/Staff Augmentation:

  • Ideal for ongoing support or team expansion. It offers dedicated resources, allowing you to scale your team as needed.


  • Freelance & contractors (Hourly)

  • Part-time (Hourly or flat)

  • Full-time (flat)

Mandatory to include in the contract (i.e., MSA)

  • IP Assignment

  • None compete clause

  • "No-poach" or "Non-solicitation" clause

  • ​Buyout terms

  • Security & Compliance

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