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How we vet & match executives

We look for individuals that:


Have Director/head-of-department level experience


Have deep domain & subject matter expertise


Have done it before for businesses of your stage/size


Have endorsements from colleagues (past and present)

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Why Rent C-Suite?

Build the executive team you need faster and cheaper.


Access executive talent that might be out of reach as full-time hires. Get the expertise you need vs. what you can afford, and breeze through a $10M in revenue milestone.



Don't waste months with a critical role sitting empty. Get the executive talent you need quickly and start scaling your startup.


Enjoy the flexibility to hire executives for one or multiple departments. Adjust as needed.

Mitigate risk

Traditional executive recruiting is insanely risky & expensive for startups. The cost of bad executive hires goes beyond their salary; it's also how much time you lose.


The cost of a bad executive hire ranges from 5 to 15 times their salary and a minimum of 1 year of time wasted. In startup land, that's a tremendous amount of valuable time!

You risk:

  • Missing sales & product launches

  • Getting a low valuation & suboptimal funding terms

  • Poor brand perception announcing the newly hired executive

  • Granting equity to an unproductive executive

  • Increasing team turnover

  • Competitors catching up

  • And much, much more...


Mitigate risk by using on-demand talent. If your executive is not a perfect fit, request a new one.

Plan ahead

Head over hills in love with the results and eager to hire your executive full-time? We won't stand in the way of a love connection! In recognition of the top talent we'll be losing, and the value we brought, a modest buyout fee of 15% of the first-year salary applies.

How it works

Subscribe to Rent C-Suite

Select a plan & subscribe to hire an executive for one or multiple departments. Adjust as needed.

Start executive request

Share your startup goals and the problems you need to solve.

Interview & hire

You will conduct the final interview to ensure the executive is the best fit for your startup.

Get to $10M ARR milestone faster

Introduce your new executive(s) to your team and their direct reports. Start scheduling virtual meetings, tackling the toughest problems, improving valuation metrics, and reaching new growth milestones faster!

Get matched with vetted executive

We vet executives based on their experience and their track record with businesses of your stage/size.

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