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A ‘have-it-all’ career

Monetize decades of your experience and have a lifestyle you love. No more office politics or long hours at the office.


With Rent C-Suite, you can choose when and how much to work, earn over $400k* working 40 hours a week, be the catalyst in the startup company's success story, and have a life. You really can have it all.

Why Rent C-Suite exist?

To help founders defy the odds and overcome the 83% failure rate before reaching $10M in ARR.

To help founders stretch their funding to avoid raising more capital, which would dilute their equity.

To help founders achieve a successful exit faster.

Perks for executives


You call the shots

All jobs are virtual video conference meetings. Work remotely, and choose when and how much to work. Do you want to work full-time, part-time, or on a project-by-project basis? Need to accommodate family, travel, or personal interests? We're supportive!


We make your life easy

Leave sales, marketing, and billing to us. We do all the work to match you with startups, and we take care of the billing. You use your time to help startups surpass $10M in ARR sooner and get paid for your time and knowledge. With Rent C-Suite, you can earn over $350k* working 40 hours a week.


Monetize your experience

We believe in a fair pricing model. Executives take 70% of the revenue from the jobs they complete, and we take 30% (see plans & prices). Bonus! Refer other Rent C-Suite executives to startups and receive 10% of the revenue from their completed jobs.


Fundraise for your favorite charity

You can donate up to 100% of your earnings to charity and support the causes you care about. You can also let customers know you’re donating your proceeds to the charity of your choice.


We embrace Cupid's magic

If Cupid strikes and the client sweeps you off your feet for a long-term, permanent role, we'll be cheering from the sidelines! All we ask is for the client to compensate us with a fee equal to 15% of your first year's salary, acknowledging the resources it took to make that perfect match and for whisking away our top talent. The cherry on top? We don't request any equity! We're an absolute bargain compared to those executive recruiters.


Pay it forward

Be the catalyst in the startup success story. Work with diverse, innovative startups and their founders, who are working on groundbreaking technology and making a significant impact on the world.


Shape the future of entrepreneurship

​Make a positive impact, be part of a fun startup community, and help shape the future of entrepreneurship.

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