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Leadership-as-a-subscription™ service for startups less than $10M in ARR

We believe ALL startups should have access to top-tier executives, not just venture-backed startups.

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What we believe

  • The entire startup ecosystem is set up to support only companies with a low chance of success but are huge if they work.

What we prefer

  • We prefer overlooked ecosystems! Many industries and verticals with small TAM are not “venture scale,” but they have a super high chance of success and desirable outcomes.

What we believe

  • Founders attempting to save money on salaries by hiring only junior staff and nobody senior to guide them will struggle to build a scalable business, miss opportunities, waste resources, and likely run out of funding.

What we prefer

  • We are determined to help founders avoid unnecessary mistakes and a steep learning curve with access to top-tier on-demand executives and real-time expert guidance.

What we believe

  • Founders can raise capital on favorable terms or exit sooner with higher multiples if they reach profitable growth and $10M in ARR — sooner.

What we prefer

  • We prefer to help founders improve key valuation metrics and reach the next growth milestone faster before they raise more capital or exit.

What we believe

  • Founders need sufficient runway before raising excessive capital and diluting too much equity ownership.

What we prefer

  • We help founders stretch every dollar by helping them tap into the global talent pool, make informed decisions, and avoid unnecessary and expensive learning curves.

Our focus

  • Startups with less than $10M in ARR.

  • SaaS, Automotive, E-Commerce, and technology providers for Local businesses.

  • Startups with a runway of at least 12 months.

  • Founders who view time as a competitive advantage and don't want to waste any.

  • Founders who favor proactive, real-time expert guidance to save time and funding.

  • Founders who want to stretch every dollar and delay additional capital raises to minimize dilution.

  • Founders who need to improve valuation metrics so they can raise capital on favorable terms or have a quick exit.

Founder background

2x Founder


Founder & CEO of Blabber (2023-Present)

  • Public product launch June 2024

Founder & CEO of 321 Ignition (2019-2023)

  • #1 mobile-first commerce-as-subscription platform for car dealerships

  • Pioneered the "mobile-first" concept in the automotive industry

  • Launched MVP within 11 months

  • Scaled to $1.8M ARR within 2 years of launching the product

  • The company performed in the top 25% of all SaaS businesses*

  • Received a $10M acquisition offer from a P/E firm (5.5x multiples of ARR).

  • The product won the “Top Rated Mobile-First E-Commerce Website Platform” award***

  • Personally received "40 Under 40" and  "Women in Retail" awards by Auto Remarketing Publication**

  • Helped 100-plus car dealerships transform their digital retail business


Product marketing for startups and Fortune 100 companies (2001-2023)

  • Pipeline CRM (18k users, acquired by SaaS.Group)

  • Microsoft, Office 365 ($26B ARR, 300M B2B subscribers)

  • DataSphere ($65M ARR, acquired by Sinclair Broadcast Group)

  • ING DIRECT (7.5M customers, acquired by Capital One)

  • Local Marketers (Raised $4.7M, went out of business)

  • HouseValues ($31.4M ARR, IPO, acquired by Zillow)


University of Washington (Class of 2012)

References & sources

* OpenView SaaS benchmark calculator

** Auto Remarketing owned by Cherokee Media Group

*** DrivingSales

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