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An alternative to Interim or Fractional CPO  — is Rent CPO

Rent CPO is a leadership-as-a-subscription™ executive staffing service. If your product growth and performance are hindered by a lack of product development executive expertise and the founders' bandwidth, our executives can assist in managing staff and vendors, providing specialized knowledge and expertise. They will help iterate and evolve the product faster, helping you get to $10M ARR sooner.

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Chief Product Officer

Chief Product Officer executive expertise

Product Go-To-Market Strategy: Develop a clear product vision and roadmap to align the product with the company's business goals.

  1. Product-Led Growth

  2. Customer-Led Growth

  3. Sales-Led Growth

  4. Platform-Led Growth

  5. Technology-Led Growth

  6. Data-Led Growth

Product Marketing: Developing go-to-market strategies and tactics to drive adoption, retention, and revenue growth.

  • Value proposition development

  • Competitive research & battle cards

  • Sales enablement

  • Partner enablement

  • Self-serve

User Experience (UX/UI): Ensuring the product provides an excellent user experience across all touchpoints and drives adoption and retention.

  1. Sign up & onboarding

  2. Usage & engagement

  3. Adding more users

  4. Freemium to Premium

  5. Upsell & cross-sell

  6. Retention

  7. Referrals

Data Analytics: Leveraging data to inform product decisions, track performance, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Team Management: Building and managing a high-performing product team aligned with the company's goals and values.

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