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Get to the desired outcome faster and for less money than it would cost to figure it out on your own. 

Work with top-tier executives who have done it before for businesses of your stage/size.
Instead of a fixed W2 salary or a fractional executive model, the leadership-as-a-subscription™ service is for startups with less than $10M in ARR.

We help startups avoid the cost of mistakes (time & money)!

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Most startups fail before Series B, 83% in fact.

According to CB Insights, the top 2 reasons for startup failure are lack of funding and not having the right team.




"Senior people are TOO expensive!​"

Many startups need to hire more people to scale, but when they lack funding, they hire junior staff to keep operating expenses low.


Sure, junior people cost less in terms of salary, but they require a significant time investment to ramp up their knowledge, skills, and productivity. If nobody manages them, they will make a lot of mistakes, waste company funding, and cripple company growth.

We know founders are superhuman, but they can't work around the clock and train junior people in every department. That's just not scalable!

Compare executive staffing models

Rent C-Suite is a leadership-as-a-subscription™ service. We provide on-demand access to virtual executives for startups with less than $10M in revenue and when a full-time person is not necessary or affordable. If your startup growth is hindered due to gaps in specialized leadership and founders' bandwidth, our leaders will step in to get things done. 


Under $10M revenue

(Seed - Series B)

1-8 hours a week

Part-time (less than 20%)

ultra-specific C-level executive expertise and leadership support.


$20M+ revenue (Series B - C)

1-4 days a week

Part-time (20-80%) leadership responsibility when a full-time person is not necessary or affordable.


​Short-term transition period

5 days a week

Full-time leadership responsibilities during an unplanned or forced vacancy.

What do Rent C-Suite executives do?

Our virtual executives bring substantial "been there, done that" experience and assist founders and CEOs in managing staff and vendors, help save the company money, deliver results faster, and surpass $10M in ARR sooner!

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Leadership & advisor

Neglecting regular 1:1 check-ins with staff, agencies, and vendors can lead to misaligned priorities, suboptimal performance, wasted time, and company resources. However, time-strapped founders and CEOs often struggle to prioritize these essential 1-on-1 meetings.

Our executives step in to schedule and manage regular check-ins, keeping your teams on track. In these sessions, they monitor performance, review metrics, provide feedback, offer expert guidance, and develop junior staff.

With their support, your staff will become productive quickly, and vendors will drive better results faster while freeing up the founder's and CEO's time to focus on more revenue-generating opportunities.

Strategy & expertise


Growth isn't a guessing game, but if your staff lacks experience, scaling a startup can be like maneuvering through a minefield of costly mistakes, which can quickly deplete your funding and put your startup at risk.

Our executives have successfully led critical functions at multiple companies, including large, publicly-traded organizations and startups that have achieved scalability. They have done it before and will help your staff avoid the unnecessary and expensive learning curve and breeze past $10M in ARR.


During on-demand calls, they will assist your staff in developing a comprehensive strategy, implementing programs, providing project-based expert guidance, and coaching team members.

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Strategic hiring

Stretch your funding further by tapping into a global pool of top talent. Get expert help to evaluate whether building an offshore team in South America or Eastern Europe is a viable option for your startup. This approach can significantly reduce payroll costs by over 60%.

We will provide you with insights on hiring talent overseas and negotiating contracts. This can save you an additional 30% - 60% on payroll and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Additionally, we'll assist you in selecting the best HR software for generating contracts, processing payroll, and ensuring compliance in over 180 countries.

Recruiting & optimizing existing team

Having the wrong people in the wrong seats is the #3 reason for startup failure.  Our executives are experts in sales, marketing, product, operations, finance, and software development and can assist you in evaluating existing teams and recruiting new candidates for your startup.


From identifying the best sources of qualified talent to crafting accurate job descriptions, developing appropriate compensation plans, and conducting interviews to select the best-fit candidates. They will advise you throughout the entire recruitment process, offering their expertise and experience to ensure your startup has the right team. 

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How it works

Subscribe to Rent C-Suite

Select a plan & subscribe to hire an executive for one or multiple departments. Adjust as needed.

Start executive request

Share your startup goals and the problems you need to solve.

Interview & hire

You will conduct the final interview to ensure the executive is the best fit for your startup.

Get to $10M ARR milestone faster

Introduce your new executive(s) to your team and their direct reports. Start scheduling virtual meetings, tackling the toughest problems, improving valuation metrics, and reaching new growth milestones faster!

Get matched with vetted executive

We vet executives based on their experience and their track record with businesses of your stage/size.

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